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big media companies are crumbling.

Black women and femme writers are seeking opportunities to share stories of Black feminine experience without being censored and rejected (and be paid to do so). 

Black women and femmes overall are seeking to consume content that goes deeper than beauty, fashion, and celebrity gossip. 

Thus, Eleven25 Media was born: a “for us, by us” platform that is witty, raunchy, brilliant, irreverent, and everything in between – just like us.



Eleven25 Media (E25) is an independent Black women’s media company uplifting authentic aspects of Black feminine experience. Our sisterhood of online platforms, our published works, and our lineup of events are designed to explore intimate themes unique to Black Millennial and Generation Z women and femmes, along with facilitating learning, healing, connection, and celebration. It is our goal for all who encounter us to walk away affirmed and empowered to live their lives on their own terms.

Since 2015, E25 has curated websites and social media platforms that center the most intimate, authentic, and everyday aspects of Black feminine lives. Topics of sexuality, spirituality, self-care, advice, and social commentary find their home on E25 platforms like Black Girl BlissBlack Femme CollectiveINCENSEDTemple Indigo, and more.

Eleven25 captures a unique sector of the media sphere and we hope to a) stay independent so that we can continue to speak freely and b) expand into areas of media outside of digital and print like podcasts, videos, and events. We want to continue to be able to create quality, necessary content and we want to pay Black female and femme creators what they deserve.

Black Femme media by Black femme creators.



No more begging mainstream media to publish and pay us. No more getting our pieces edited to death or rejected for being “controversial” or “niche” (read: too Black). No more getting our hopes up for “diverse” and “inclusive” media companies only to be let down by the racist and sexist content and policies they produce. No more “Black girl” content relegated to one-off series and offshoot sub-communities.

We’re here, and we look forward to making you proud.

Be sure to follow us on social media @Eleven25Media. All inquiries can be sent to hello@eleven25media.com